Detalles importantes de reboots
Altura185 cm - 195 cm
Peso80 - 90 kg
Lo que me excita
Heterobased basically with enough time for a slow long climactic session. Elements like suspense, fantasy, humor, teasing during interacting, dancing, darkrooms (those without the men hunting for men), short haired women, xtc and viagra, 69, yacuzi, massage, oil, you ..and me, blindfolding but not much further than that or at max fluffy handcuffs ;-), getting totally wasted together and stay up for three days in a row living on champaign, fruit and love. All the above in any combination made complete by anything possible you would like me to know or learn ;-)
Acerca de mí
referring to the two previous items in this list..
Lo que me apaga
It depends since I try to be as tolerant and social as I can and noticed it may vary. But those grumpy egoists, narrowminded haters, fat lazy, hairy, smelly, selfish people I'd rather have not. Besides that we need to be on the same wave. Understanding, curiosity and respect. Dare to ask and to speak when needed and listen to each other always ;-) ..what a list. I will remain alone I assume lol
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